Qirat Competition and Hifz convo

Qirat Competition and Hifz convo

22 Dec 2022

All praises be to Allah that AIS has put its name to be the paragon of arranging such a colossal programme upon Qir’aat Competition and Hifz Convocation among the English Medium Schools nationwide, Alhamdulillah. A number of distinguished Islamic personalities were present, patronized, inspired and motivated all of us through their torch bearing sermons.

The invited prominent figures were The Chief Guest, Shaykh Saeed Al Ghamdi, the Khatib of a masjid in Riyadh and a highly reputed personnel of Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, The Special Guest Dr. Abu Bakar Zakariya and last but not the least honorable Mufti Kazi Ibrahim, Head of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language of AIS. This magnificent programme was smoothly anchored by our honorable Professor Mokhtar Ahmed.

The entire programme was well saturated with plenty of priceless guidance from the well versed scholars, mesmerizing Qura’nic recitations by the wonder kids of AIS and reverberating performances of our adorable kids, Falillahil Hamd. The Programme was eventually showered with lots of lucrative prizes and surprises. A bunch of highly dedicated teachers’ and employees’ terrific effort has finally touched the line of glory.

We are hopeful and looking forward to making such a grand more events with your kind cooperation, Insha’Allah.

Junior Section (Group A)

First Position:         Minhaz Abedin                          (KG Boys)

Second Position: Ahmad Abdullah Mohammad (KG Boys)

Third Position:      Nazaha Jasrin Rimsha                (KG Girls)

Middle Section (Group B)

First Position:         Maryam Mohammad (Std- II Girls)

Second Position: Anika Tahiyat Jahan   (Std- II Girls)

Third Position:      Mahdin Hossain Sami  (Std- II Boys)

Senior Section (Group C)

First Position:        Tanji Mozumder         (Std- V Girls)

Second Position: Emtiaj Rahman Evan (Std- VI Boys)

Third Position:      Abdullah Ibn Afzal    (Std- V Boys)